Monday, 7 October 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Beast of Banwell (2007)

In September 2007 an unidentified animale tagged the Beast Banwell was seen by Helen Stokes whilst she walked her dog. The following article entitled 'Back - the Beast of Banwell' from the Eastern Daily Press website is dated 14 September 2007.
BLACK, smaller than a cow, larger than a dog and very fast was how the latest sighting of the Beast of Banwell was described by a resident earlier this week.
Helen Stokes, who lives in Hill Path in the village, was out walking her dog on Monday night when her dog, Buster, started barking loudly.
The 49-year-old mother-of-one said: "It was about 8.15pm and it was getting dark. "Buster was off the leash up on Banwell Hill and started barking loudly. He came over to where I was stood and his hackles were up as something had upset him."
"I looked over in the direction from where he came and I could just make out a shape in the distance which was coming towards us.
"It was bigger than Buster but definitely not a cow. Whatever it was started coming towards us.
"I was scared because I had no idea what it was, I thought it was another dog at first and started looking around for an owner, but no-one came.
"By this time Buster and I had started down the hill to get away from it but as I looked back it appeared to be gaining on us.
"On Tuesday I went back up there with Buster and saw there were no completely black cows. Buster became defensive again as we neared the spot where I had first spotted what I suppose most have been a beast of some sort.

"I am concerned because kids are walking in the area. It worries me."read more

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