Monday, 7 October 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: The Rabbit Headed Cats Of Scotland. By Di Francis.

Picture1n 1988 a gamekeeper working on an estate near Dufftown in Speyside, North East Scotland, discovered a large black cat in a trap he had set for foxes. lt was the size of a very large Scottish Wildcat, but there the resemblence ended. The trapped cat had a slim muscular body, long legs and a long whip like tail. The coat was short and pure black, the chest deep, the hind quarters powerful, but the most striThe animal looked in profile like a hybrid between a cat and a rabbit. The skull was long, the brow sloping down into a pronounced Roman noese, the cranium was flat and broad, the ears large and pricked with a leathery appearance. The jutting upper, jaw overshot the lower jaw, the canine teeth were very long, the lower angled to fit into grooves in the upper jaw, the upper teeth protruding below the lower jaw. The cheek bones were high and broad, giving the creature an almost oriental appearance.    read more

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