Monday, 21 April 2014

FEATURE: List of Confirmed Cougar Attacks In the United States and Canada 2001 - 2010

Deaths are highlighted in red text. 

2001    (3 Injury Reports, including Canadian skier's death, 4 Non-injury Reports, 1 Pet Report, 1 False Report

02 January. Husky sleeping in her doghouse attacked in Banff, Alberta.  See this pet report HERE 

02 January. Woman walking dog rescued by neighbor in Banff, Alberta.  See this non-injury report HERE 

Frances Frost02 JanuaryFrances Frost, a 30-year-old cross-country skier was killed by a mountain lion in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada while skiing alone around 1 p.m. on Cascade Fire Road, part of the Lake Minnewanka Loop near the town of Canmore. According to Park Chief Warden Ian Syme, the cougar, which was more than two meters long, stalked Frost by hiding behind a tree at some distance from the trail. As she passed by, heading toward the trail head, the animal bounded up behind her, jumped on her back, bit her neck, and killed her. "I suspect that she may not even know what hit her." A healthy adult male cougar (8 years old) was later shot by wardens where it was found standing over her body. Reports did not say if Frances had been consumed but this may be inferred from her father's statement, "They asked us later if we wanted to see the body, but when we heard [the manner of her death] we said, 'No. We'll remember her the way she was.'" 

This is the first death by cougar in the history of the Park, and in Alberta. Park wardens think that elk, the main prey of wolves and cougars, have moved closer to Banff because hunting is not allowed in national parks, and the cougars and wolves have followed.  Sources:  (Calgary Herald; 01/03/2001; 01/04/2001) (Banff Crag & Canyon News; 01/03/2001) (February 5, 2001 Issue of Wildlife Encounters;A lesson unlearned; Candis McLean) read more

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