Saturday, 19 April 2014

VIDEO: 9 videos of big cats acting like house cats

I love cats, you love cats, we all love cats. Empires have been built upon humanity’s collective love of the family Felidae. From Keyboard Cat to Grumpy Cat — if it has a tail, little pointy ears, and purrs, we probably love it.
And it doesn’t matter how big or small the cat is. Some of the more popular exhibits at zoos are the lairs of the big cats like lions and tigers. Half of the animals featured on my list of 6 animals beloved by crazy drug lords are big cats — jaguars, lions and tigers.
I think one of the reasons why our love for cuddly little house cats extends to the largest members of the cat family is how similar big cats and small cats are.
All of the videos below come from Big Cat Rescue, a well-respected Tampa, Fla.-based organization that currently cares for around 100 large cats rescued from bad owners, shady circuses, and nefarious furriers. Someone over there understands that people love videos of cats and has done a great job developing a library of big cat content. Thanks to them for their work and their videos.

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