Sunday, 27 April 2014

NEWSLINK: Big Cats are Beautiful But This is Why They Should NEVER Be Pets

Sure, everyone knows just how popular, amusing, and tugging a good cat video is, and in 2008, aYouTube video reunion of two men and their former pet lion, Christian, went viral. Lauded by many as a success story for private ownership of lions, the actual story behind the relationship is more of a cautionary tale about the problems of owning a big cat.
A Lion Called Christian” tells the story of how Anthony Bourke and John Rendall had gotten in over their heads and were able to find a way to reintroduce their pet lion into the wild. It would be great if this is how these things worked out, but in reality, it is usually quite the opposite. More often than not, people who try to keep big cats as pets end up abandoning them, killing them (intentionally or unintentionally), or even being killed by them.
Don’t be deceived by a tiger’s or lion’s good looks. These big cats (and others) may be beautiful and seem cuddly at first but they are NOT pets. Let’s take a look at the five simple reasons below that prove why big cats should never, ever be kept as pets.I got itread more

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