Monday, 13 October 2014

NEWSLINK: Autopsy reveals the grisly truth behind death of Big Cat

Post-mortem reveals 2 kg of undigested poison-laced goat meat in the animal's belly; Rivalry between two groups of 'conservationists' is reported to be root cause

As humans we are meant to protect them; to ensure their survival for future generations to marvel at. But if the latest incidents are anything to go by, our petty differences seem to be doing them fatal harm. A project to tie radio collars around the necks of up to 15 leopards is threatening to bare the ugly faultlines between rival groups of conservationists. Caught in the middle as victims, are the Big Cats themselves: two of which have died terrible deaths at the hands of human predators. A third leopard had a miraculous rescue, and all this happened in the one year since the most ambitious conservation project in the state was launched.

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