Tuesday, 21 October 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Has the Beast of Bacup resurfaced further south?

13th October 2014

A mysterious big cat dubbed the ‘Huttock Top Beast’ when it was first spotted in Bacup may have resurfaced.
There have been numerous sightings of the puma-type animal across Rossendale over the last few years.

Dog walker Stewart Lord saw what he described as a ‘big cat the size of an Alsatian’ stood on a drystone wall about 100 yards from him near Greenbooth reservoir in Norden, Rochdale.

Mr Lord, of Norden, said: “I am 110 per cent sure of what it was.

“It was a browny grey colour, its hind quarters were slightly higher than the front and it had a long, thick tail, at least three quarters of the length of its body that curled down underneath.”

Mr Lord and his wife Pat were walking their staffie on a country lane off Edenfield Road, behind Nutters restaurant, at about 2pm on a Sunday afternoon when the sighting occurred.

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