Monday, 13 October 2014

US SIGHTINGS: More mountain lion sightings spring up in Turlock

By Sabra StaffordCrime Desksstafford@turlockjournal.com209-634-9141, ext. 2002

POSTED October 2, 2014 7:23 p.m. 

There have been several more mountain lion sightings in the Turlock and Denair area Wednesday and Thursday, including one at Emanuel Medical Center.

At least two of the reports are confirmed sightings and in one case a paw print was found in the area, the Turlock Police Department reported.

It is unknown if it is more than one mountain lion that has been roaming in the area for several weeks now.

“Unless there is a distinct track pattern, like having a missing toe, then we just don’t know how many there could be,” said Lt. Patrick Foy of California Fish and Wildlife.

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