Sunday, 22 October 2017

ARTICLE: On the trail of a bobcat

The official sunrise is meaningless for it is to be a dark, gloomy and rainy day. My early morning walk will begin with exactly those conditions. Regardless however of the lack of the giant fireball in the sky, the day is glorious. Could there be any better time than walking in wet fall woods?

Just last week I wrote of nearly the same thing but on this day, it is raining, and has been doing so for a few days. I soak up the colors and all the aromas of a wet fall forest. This alone is enough to keep me coming back day after day. But on this day, I have a motive for my trip. I do feel somewhat naked, for due to the rain, I have left my camera gear behind. But that is ok as this is nothing but a scouting trip for one very elusive Fulton County species.


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