Tuesday, 31 October 2017

ARTICLE: Predator on our porch

Alert lapord.jpgIf we can venture into nature to walk and picnic, why can’t leopards hang around our homes?

Luxurious condominiums on the edge of a megapolis which one promoter sold with the tagline — “where nature peeps through every window.” All the advantages of a modern lifestyle but with the added bonus of fresh air. The best of both worlds in Mumbai city. But nature isn’t greenery alone; it also includes wild animals.

While the view from the picture windows was easy on the eye, occasionally, what the unsuspecting newcomers saw made them gulp with nervousness. At dusk, wild cats the size of German shepherds leaped out of the adjoining forest on to the top of the peripheral walls and strolled nonchalantly. Sometimes, they lounged on ledges with their long tails twitching metronomes, oblivious of the many worried human eyes pinned on them. Their cold yellow predatory eyes turned black as their pupils dilated with failing light.


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