Sunday, 29 October 2017

NEWSLINK: Local Hiker Has Close Encounter With Mysterious Animal

Blackleopard.JPGA local hiker got the fright of her life after a close encounter with a mysterious animal in the woods near Blackhead yesterday morning. VOCM’s Linda Swain reports.

Sonja Duchesne was walking the East Coast trail with her two Rottweilers when she heard a growling sound in the woods.

Duchesne tells VOCM News she’d never heard anything like it before. Her two dogs immediately started to growl back.

She couldn’t see the animal making the noise, but knew it was nearby. The low growl frightened her so much so that she immediately left the area and googled the sounds of various animals. She found a YouTube video of a panther in a cage growling that she claims matches the sound she heard exactly.


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