Sunday, 15 October 2017

VIDEO/PHOTOS: Pantanal jaguar nabs a yellow anaconda

Just days after witnessing an incredible attack by a jaguar on a large yacare caiman, photographer Chris Brunskill has struck gold again. On September 29, he managed to photograph another of the great spotted cats taking down another formidable reptile: an anaconda.
This latest action went down in southern Brazil along the Cuiabá River, one of the drainages of the huge wetland complex called the Pantanal (which is also where Brunskill captured the jaguar/caiman sequence earlier in September). From a boat, Brunskill spied the jaguar prowling along the high riverbank, just moments before the spotted predator keyed into something in the grass. Brunskill watched as the cat reached out a paw ... and flushed out a yellow anaconda.


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