Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Big cat returns: 'Black panther' seen in Shropshire

A large black panther-like creature has made a reappearance in Shropshire. Tweet Wendy Lochridge was staring out of her window at her home near Oswestry when she saw the creature shortly after 5pm last night. The 43-year-old, who lives in Morton, said the creature disappeared into some bushes before she managed to get a photograph of it. She said: “It was about 5.10pm when I was just looking through my living room window which overlooks fields. “We recently had some hedges taken down at the back of the property. “What I saw was massive. It was over four foot long and it had a long tail. “I watched it, it stood there under a tree before it went in the bushes. It was a good 300 yards away from me. “It was cat-like but with the long tail it was definitely a panther. I have cats of my own and it was definitely too big for a normal cat.

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