Saturday, 15 March 2014

NEWSLINK: Big cat enters Meerut hospital, sparks panic

MEERUT: A leopard entered the Meerut Cantonment Hospital on Sunday, sparking panic among patients and hospital staff. The Army has cordoned off the densely populated area and an expert team from the Wildlife Trust has arrived from Afzal Garh, near Bijnor, the catch the beast.

The big cat was spotted by a caretaker as it was entering the male ward, where three patients were undergoing treatment.

Timber merchant Gaurav Mehndiratta first saw the leopard around 11.30am at his warehouse toilet.

"I was just strolling in an open area when I suddenly saw the leopard coming out of a makeshift toilet. I ran away and called the police," he said. Soon, the police cordoned off the area and searched for the leopard for about two hours but could not spot it.

By that time a sizable number of people had gathered around the premises. When a curious onlooker removed a timber plank, the beast suddenly appeared and injured the person. The police then fired two shots in the air after which the beast disappeared from the scene and resurfaced at the Cantonment Hospital.

When a few photographers tried to take pictures of the beast from a window, it leapt to attack them. Although it could not come out of the window, it broke the panes and injured two people read more

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