Saturday, 15 March 2014

NEWSLINK: Big cat bedding and tapir poo boost Linton Zoo

Zuri the African Lion at Linton Zoo - picture by Steve Morrell
Linton Zoo is offering big cat bedding and exotic hoof dung in a bid to raise funds for its conservation efforts.
The big cat bedding seems to work very well as natural pest repellent, with reports that it is effective with cats, rabbits, badgers, foxes and deer.
If you do not want your neighbour’s cat or local deer rooting around your prize winning flower garden then try a bag of straw taken from a big cat’s bedrooms, the smell of which could scare off even the bravest cat in the neighbourhood.
The special zebra and tapir poo composting mix is great to enrich your garden and encourage the growth of healthy plants, beautiful blooms and bumper vegetable crops the environmentally friendly way.
Tapirs are important forest seed dispersers so their dung is effectively ‘Zoo poo surprise’.
Zoo staff have found melons, pumpkins, kiwi, raspberries and even date palms popping up in the gardens.
Despite this plants thrive in soil enriched with the zoo’s home made compost.
For a minimum donation of £1 per bag, it is helping the zoo to raise funds for its wildlife more

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