Monday, 31 March 2014

UK SIGHTING: Giant" big cat spotted roaming in Sevenoaks

1779942LEOPARDS, pumas or lynxes could be the beasts rumoured to have been spotted roaming in read moreSevenoaks this week.
One sighting was on Thursday when a "giant" big cat was seen bounding across Knole Park, while the other, seen yesterday (Friday), was in Blindhouse Lane near Stone Street.
The findings were reported to Kent Big Cat Research, which monitors big cat activity in Britain.
Founder Neil Arnold posted the reports on his blog this week.
One, posted on Thursday, said: "We saw it from knole park whilst on a hill looking toward the back hill of holly Bush.
"It ran along the hill in a flash and went up towards the blackberry bushes at the other side."
The spotter described it as "giant, about six foot long, jet black with a long tail".
They continued: "There was no chance it was a dog or a horse or anything."
Another big cat spotter then sent this report yesterday (Friday): "I ran into the same animal...this morning returning from work in the early

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