Thursday, 2 October 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Suffolk woodland or foreign jungle? Barton Mills resident spots ‘big cat’ in Mildenhall Woods

A West Suffolk resident got more than he bargained for while walking near Mildenhall Woods last week when he spotted what he thought was a big cat.

John Berrett, of Barton Mills, was walking with his wife in Thetford Road, Mildenhall, on September 1 when he spotted a large ‘cat-like’ creature through the trees.

John said: “We were gobsmacked to see it. It was just too big for a domestic cat and the tail was very long and looping.

“We looked at each other in amazement. We have no doubt that this was a wild creature.

“In my 70 years I have only seen creatures like this on TV or in the zoo.”

John is not alone in believing he has spotted a big cat in the area. Rumours of the ‘Fen Tiger’ circulate throughout East Anglia, with nearly 70 sightings of large cats recorded in Cambridgeshire alone since 1998.

John said: “I have heard stories of a ‘puma in Mildenhall Woods’ and just a few days ago, a deer carcass stripped to the bone was found near the same spot.”

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