Wednesday, 12 September 2012

NEWSLINK: Couple Own Pet Cheetah, are Surprised when it Runs Away

Four years ago, Dr. Japie Pienaar and wife Magda bought a cheetah at a game auction. They named it Jolie, after Angelina Jolie, and raised it on their farm with four cats and a dog. In the totally-unforeseeable outcome to this situation, the fastest land mammal on Earth has now run away from home.
The big cat has escaped from her home in Free State, South Africa, and is now on the loose. While this is not the first time Jolie has escaped, according to her owners, she has always returned home in short order.

The Pienaars are concerned that farmers may shoot her if she ventures too close to their farms.

“We are concerned about her. If a cheetah was seen here in the area it would definitely be her…please do not shoot,” said Magda to a local newspaper. She also described the big cat as being tame but skittish, and urged neighbours to be on the lookout for Jolie.

No one knows why Jolie ran away from her home. Maybe she was just going on a quick jaunt to stretch her legs and ended up lost. Maybe it’s because wild animals aren’t meant to be domesticated. Maybe she was looking for Brad. In any case, hopefully she’s found safe soon.

Big Cats like this beautiful Cheetah are not meant to be tame, they belong in wild where they can do all things Cheetahs do, not sit in someones house as a live trophy, when will people learn that not all animals can and want to be domesticated!

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