Sunday, 23 September 2012

NEWSLINK: More on Bronx Zoo tiger attack

Mauled NY Man: I Wanted to Be One With the Tiger
ABC News
Villalobos' big-cat exploits Friday afternoon were an instant tabloid sensation: A front page New York Post story on Saturday was headlined "MAULED!" The Daily News countered with "ZOO-ICIDE," speculating a death wish. Police had said earlier that ...

Bronx Zoo mauling: Man wanted to be 'one with the tiger' (blog)
Villalobos, 25, was mauled by a Siberian tiger before zoo employees rescued him by using fire extinguishers to distract the big cat, zoo officials said. Villalobos was charged Saturday with third-degree criminal trespass, a misdemeanor, and another ...

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