Friday, 21 September 2012

NEWSLINK: More on cat coat genetics

How do cats earn their stripes? It's all in the DNA, as scientists find gene ...
Daily Mail
Scientists have found new DNA evidence which begins to solve the mystery of coat patterns in mammals. The recently-found gene is one of several that collaborate to create the distinctive design of a cat's coat, and it's the first of the pattern genes ...
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Daily Mail
Study isolates animal coat genes
The Press Association
A study with echoes of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories begins to solve the mystery of coat patterns in mammals. Scientists found a similar mechanism responsible for the markings of tabby cats and a rare striped cheetah. They believe the same genes ...

How the Tabby Got Its Blotches
Science Now
Domestic cats often resemble their larger, wilder counterparts—with black, striped, or tawny fur that presumably helps the big hunters blend into the landscape. For scientists, the genes involved in the evolution of cats' color patterns have been ...

How Cheetahs And Tabby Cats Got Their Distinctive Markings
“We were motivated by a basic question,” said Barsh of the turn to the study of big (and little) cats. “How do periodic patterns like stripes and spots in mammals arise? What generates them? How are they maintained? What is their biological and ...

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