Wednesday, 19 September 2012

NEWSLINKS: More on the Australian big cat debate

Big cat hunt declared over by Victorian Government due to lack of evidence
Herald Sun
Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh said the study, conducted in Melbourne offices on past evidence rather than in the field, said there was nothing to substantiate claims big cats existed in the state. "No big cat has ever been detected in a formal ...

Investigation: Big Cats existence 'highly unlikely'
3AW (blog)
@Hugh I agree with what you say about the film but I am inclined to believe more in the comment from @Kit Clarke, there is ... more; steve glen on Investigation: Big Cats existence ... Highly unlikely huh? My son, friend and myself all witnessed a big ...

Case closed on big cats in Victoria
Yahoo!7 News
A Victorian Government investigation has concluded it is "highly unlikely" there are wild big cats living in Victoria. The so-called desktop survey was conducted by two researchers from the Department of Primary Industries and the Department of ...

The second of these stories is particularly interesting because of the sighting reports in the comments section

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