Saturday, 8 March 2014


Further to your email, received 26th November 2013 Please accept my apologies for the delay in providing this response.

Please note that these data are the closest we hold to your request. They should not be interpreted as representing anything other than as described in this response.

I am writing to you to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
I wish to know how many reports of ‘big cats’ have been made to your force over the last three years. Where possible, please include details of these reports. I am not interested in personal details of who made the report, I just wish to know what they claim to have seen eg a large black cat and details of whereabouts it was seen, eg a garden, a woodland et

Please find enclosed our response.
Please note that these data should be interpreted with caution. Comparing numbers of crimes can be misleading and does not necessarily indicate the likelihood of someone being a victim of crime. In addition, the number of incidents/crimes recorded in an area over a period of time can be influenced by a number of factors. Consequently statistics on incidents/crimes for one period may not necessarily be a good indicator of future incidents in that more

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