Thursday, 28 August 2014

NEWSLINK-Big Cat Heaven

SHELTON, Wash.--If you're a big cat without a home, where can you go? The Wild Felid Advocacy Center in Shelton, Washington is the perfect place.
"She wouldn't have made it on her own at all in the wild." Shelleen Matthews said about a cougar named Hannah.
Shelleen and her husband Mark took the cougar in after Hannah's mother got killed by a car in Eastern Washington.
Hannah is one of 39 cats they care for. They have everything from a leopard, bobcats, lynx and more. It's the state's only non-profit big cat sanctuary.
"They're just really special. And they need a place to go," said Shelleen.
They're not looking to adopt them out. This is where they will live out their days.
It's a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day a week job that the Matthews dedicate their lives to. And, they are willing to give up their lives, too, if need be.
"We're not oblivious to what can happen," Shelleen said with a Bobcat in a perch over her shoulder.
"Anybody that does what we do would tell you, if something really bad happened to them because of the cats, it's fine."
But, she's glad they can do something good for cats who otherwise might never find a home.TO SEE VIDEO LINK

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