Saturday, 16 August 2014

NEWSLINK: Would you dare stick pins into a lion? Vet performs acupuncture on animal's sore foot (after a VERY large dose of anaesthetic)

You need the courage of a lion to stick needles into a big cat like Lucifer – or an extremely effective anaesthetic.

Happily for vet Nicki Grint the dose given to the 30st animal worked perfectly while she used acupuncture on a sore foot where a tumour was removed.

She has used the method on dogs before but not cats.

And 11-year-old Lucifer is the first animal to have acupuncture at Paignton Zoo in Devon where he lives.

The needles stay in for 15 minutes and are being used with conventional therapy to relieve pain and improve blood flow to the wound to help it heal.

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