Thursday, 28 August 2014

UK SIGHTINGS - Big cat sighting claim at Aberporth

A large black 'panther-like' creature has been spotted in woodland near Aberporth.
Local resident Jane Bowling was walking her labrador dog in the Gilwen valley when she spotted the animal which she claims was twice as big as her pet.
“I had just reached this gate near an old quarry when I turned round and I saw this large cat emerging from the bushes to my left,” she said.
“It then ran across the field about 50-70 yards away from where I stood. I didn't actually see it clear the fence on the other side but it was way too big to have gone under it. I just couldn't believe my eyes.”
Mrs Bowling later told landowner Rhys Evans what she had seen.
Mr Evans, who keeps sheep on the field, said: "“Jane came round- read more

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