Thursday, 7 August 2014

NEWSLINK: Foresters Setting Trap Scared Away by Big Cat

CHENNAI: The elusive leopard, which has been terrorizing villages from  Vandalur to Chengalpattu, was heard on Sunday morning in the dense jungle near Thiruvadisoolam by two forest department officials who had gone there to set a trap for the big cat.
Officials said a forest guard and a watcher from the Chengalpattu range, along with a television reporter, had gone to the area around 8 am to place some meat in one of the cages set in the jungle. As they neared the camouflaged trap, the trio stopped dead in their tracks on hearing the leopard’s loud roar. 
Though the animal could not be seen anywhere around, forest officials realized that it had spotted them. The men took to their heels and reached the village area around two km away. The spot where the men heard the leopard’s roar is only around two km from the Vallam Reserve Forest where the big cat was captured on camera in July.

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