Thursday, 20 November 2014

NEWSLINK: Cats disappearing in Aptos neighborhoods

APTOS, Calif. —Cats keep disappearing in the Aptos neighborhoods of Rio Del Mar and Seascape, and residents fear the culprit is one big cat. 

Between August and October, a mountain lion was seen 10 times on the Seascape Golf Course' first, second, and sixth fairways, Sumner Avenue, Gay Road, Humes Avenue, Los Altos Drive, Loyola Drive, and Calypso Drive. 

The cougar is frequently spotted walking with her cub at dawn and dusk. Residents expressed concern that the mother may have moved in for good. 

Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend said the mountain lion has not been spotted this month, but plans are still in the works for posting mountain lion caution signs.

One of the most recent house cats that went missing was Foxy, a 6-year-old Angora who was last seen on Oct. 30. The tortie-fur feline had just moved into a house on Via Novella in Seascape two weeks ago. Her owner said Foxy is very smart - that's how she got her name- so her disappearance is perplexing. 

Sadly, a "lost cat" poster for Foxy is one of many posted around town. 

Mountain lions are native to California, and while they are solitary and elusive by nature, droughts drive them into areas populated by people.

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