Friday, 21 November 2014

NEWSLINK: France: Big cat on the prowl is not a tiger

MONTEVRAIN, France (AP) — A two-day search by police and military forces for a wild animal roaming through French towns has come to one conclusion: it isn't a tiger.

One theory is that it could be a lynx, an extinct cat that was reintroduced to France in the 1970s.

But the public and Disneyland Paris, the main tourist attraction in the area, didn't seem too concerned on Friday by what officials were calling a security threat.

In fact, if the search doesn't capture the animal soon, locals could begin seeing it less as an invader and more like a harmless Pepé Le Pew, the French skunk.

Officials who had identified the cat spotted near a grocery store in a Paris suburb on Thursday morning as a panther tigris are now ruling that out.

The wild cat caught in several fuzzy photographs in the town of Montevrain was spotted again on Friday, but it has eluded 200 police and military forces.

Residents of Montevrain and two other nearby towns were urged to stay indoors — but most people seemed to be taking the cat hunt in stride.

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