Thursday, 20 November 2014

NEWSLINK: Milwaukee Zoo reports death of jaguar cub

MILWAUKEE —The Milwaukee County Zoo said one of two baby jaguar cubs has died.

Anahish, born Aug. 14, was killed by another jaguar inside the Big Cat area of the zoo.

"It's a sad day today. We all feel it immensely," veterinarian Dr. Vickie Clyde said. 

Zoo officials said an interior door was left open in the Big Cat holding area. A 2-year-old adult jaguar, Zean, entered the area where the cubs' mother, Stella, and the cubs were housed.

Officials said that Zean fatally injured the female cub.

"Those cats are not supposed to be in the same space together. It's only natural for a young male like that to attack something young, especially associated with a female he is very familiar with. It was his mother also,” zoo director Chuck Wickenhauser said. 

Zoo personnel said a necropsy will be performed on Anahish. The cub's mother and brother appear agitated, and zoo officials will keep them out of the public exhibit at this time.

The jaguar that attacked is leaving Milwaukee for another zoo in a few weeks, but his departure was previously planned. 

The zoo is investigating why the door was left open. 

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