Saturday, 8 November 2014

-NEWSLINK- ENGLAND- Big cat sanctuary holds annual fall festival

Center for Animal ResearchBRIDGEPORT — Blue-eyed beauty Acari cradles a pumpkin with her paws. Crunch. Pumpkin pieces fly as the white tiger flashes her teeth, chomping away at the holiday treat. A large chunk gets caught in her teeth, but she quickly shakes it away. Crunch. Crunch. “She’ll tear it to shreds,” said Heidi Krahn, executive director and founder of the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) in Bridgeport. The nonprofit group provides a sanctuary to 41 exotic cats, including tigers, lions, leopards and cougars. This weekend, people can see the cats firsthand at CARE’s Fall Festival, the nonprofit’s annual fundraiser. Those attending will see cats tearing into cardboard boxes filled with chicken treats and adults can even play tug-of-war against a tiger (with the protection of a fence between the two participants). The cats will also bob for pumpkins. “That is going to be a lot of fun for her,” Krahn said, nodding toward Acari. “Tigers like water and obviously pumpkins.” Read more here: for Animal Research

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