Friday, 21 November 2014

US SIGHTINGS: Mountain lion sightings reported

Therresa Worthington6:26 p.m. MST November 18, 2014

(Photo: Belgrade Zoo via )

ST. GEORGE – Some residents around the bluffs in St. George in the area of 400 West and 670 North are being visited by a rather unusual family — a mountain lion and her two kittens.

The St. George Police Department received a report last week of the feline visitors after a man working on his vehicle turned to see a strange set of eyes staring at him — or three sets rather.

Ann Cluff has lived in the area for 40 years, and she said the last five years she has seen a larger amount of wildlife than usual.

“I had to cover my plants during the summer because of the deer but she (mountain lion) has finally chased them off,” Cluff said.

Cluff said she hasn’t seen the cat and her offspring except for tracks around the area.

“My neighbor’s daughter came home the other night, though, and saw her,” she said.

She and her neighbors have seen a lot of tracks since the flooding in September, which is when they really became aware of how often the big cat was visiting the area, Cluff said.

She believes the animals are being chased down by increased development around the area, leaving little space for them to move without coming into the neighborhoods.

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