Saturday, 8 November 2014

-NEWSLINK -SCOTLAND-Anger over big cats kept captive in Aberdeenshire

Animal Defenders International released images purporting to show the winter quarters of big catsANIMAL activists have condemned circus owners for allegedly keeping five big cats caged inside a “beast wagon”. They claimed the tigers and lions were being kept in cramped and freezing conditions in North-east Scotland, which they said were “heartbreaking” to see and amounted to a “national disgrace”. However, yesterday Aberdeenshire Council said inspections of the site had found every­thing in order. A spokesman said health, welfare and security arrangements in place were satisfactory. Animal Defenders International (ADI) shot a video of the big cats in their Scottish winter home – a trailer parked in a windswept field in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. The footage shows one of the tigers repeatedly pacing around its cage. Campaigners say this behaviour is not normal for animals in the wild and indicates they are in distress. “Even when the circus season ends, these animals are still on show and enduring conditions which deny them their most basic behaviours,” said ADI president Jan Creamer.-READ MORE-

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