Sunday, 1 December 2013

UK SIGHTINGS: Big cat investigation at Mill of Mains Primary School

Police are investigating a reported big cat sighting outside a Dundee primary school. The beast was reportedly spotted by a pupil and member of staff at Mill of Mains Primary School last Friday. The city’s education convener said “all precautions” would be taken to ensure the sighting was taken seriously.
In a letter sent to parents and carers at the end of last week, the school’s acting head teacher said: “We have today been dealing with a sighting of what was described as a large black cat along the overgrown path at the back of the school which leads to Mill o’ Mains.
“We have been advised by the department of environmental services who have checked the area that it is safe for everyone to use the path. “We have also been assured that the cutting of the overgrown area beside the path will be treated as a matter of urgency and will take place early next week.” A police spokesman confirmed that they had received a report that a member of staff and a pupil had seen a large black cat outside the school at around 12.15pm on Friday.


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