Saturday, 1 November 2014

NEWS LINK-From exotic cocktails to big cats and terracotta warriors: There's plenty to watch in November

A lion investigates Boone Smith in his transparent box in Nat Geo Wild's "Man v. Lion," part of the channel's Cat Week programming. (Photo: Mariella Furrer/National Geographic Channels) There are entirely too many good viewing opportunities this month, so we've sorted them into categories to make it easier to digest. For nature lovers • Most of us think of sloths as lazy, slow-moving creatures that sleep all the time, but there's more to this unusual creature than meets the eye, as the Nov. 5 PBS "Nature" special "A Sloth Named Velcro" reveals. The special about an orphaned baby sloth rescued and raised by a conservation journalist includes fascinating facts about the species' biology and behavior as well as the conservation measures that are saving them. • A documentary as tense and compelling as any thriller, "Virunga" is about the fight over a national park in civil war-torn Congo, where a small group of rangers battles a rebel militia, poachers and unscrupulous oil company developers — with conservationists and the wildlife they protect caught in the middle. It premieres Nov. 7 on Netflix. Read more:

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