Thursday, 7 May 2015

NEWS VIDEO: Sioux Falls Man Sees Mountain Lion On Morning Commute

A mountain lion isn't something many people in Sioux Falls expect to see during their morning commute.  But according to one man that's exactly what ran in front of his car Wednesday morning.
A typical morning commute turned extraordinary for Nathan Iveland.  Just before six on Wednesday, he was heading to work on Southeastern Avenue near Pasley Park in east Sioux Falls.
That's when the mountain lion crossed the train tracks and then the street, running right in front of Iveland's vehicle.
"As soon as my headlights shone on it, I yelled out, 'That's a mountain lion,'" Iveland said. "Yeah, it was pretty crazy seeing it."
Drivers along this stretch are used to seeing deer but Iveland is sure of what he came across: a rare sighting of a big cat. 
"I knew what it was. I saw the whole body and he was creeping along, kind of crouched down but cruising across Southeastern at a pretty good clip," Iveland said.
Seeing a mountain lion is jarring enough, but then Iveland was surprised to find it entering a neighborhood.
"That's when I realized that, 'Wow.  That mountain lion is cruising up into some backyards.'  That's when I got on the line to Animal Control," Iveland said.
Animal Control took down his information and got in touch with the Game, Fish and Parks Department. The GF&P hasn't confirmed the presence of a mountain lion.
Iveland admits it's not the first place you'd want the animal to be with a busy walking path and park nearby.
"Up close and personal in my truck is one thing but walking along the bike trail or mountain biking and seeing one would be totally different," Iveland said.
We did speak with Sioux Falls Animal Control and officials say the best you can do is be aware of your surroundings when at the park. If you are walking your dog, be sure to have it on a leash.

Watch video here

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