Wednesday, 6 May 2015

NEWSLINK: ‘Big cat’ spotted prowling in Wakefield

An animal thought to be a big cat has been spotted prowling the countryside close to Wakefield.

Raven Horsechief, 55, of Freestone Drive, saw the creature on farmland, near to Kirkthorpe, on Sunday.

She said it was much bigger than a domestic pet.

It was the fourth time Ms Horsechief has seen the animal in the past couple of weeks.

She said: “My friend was visiting and she was shocked when she saw it.

“She said it was a big cat. It was the size of a labrador or an alsatian.

“I have seen it a few times at night in the field opposite my house. It is definitely bigger than just a normal cat.”

There have been other unexplained sightings of big cats which date back to 2000, when the “Beast of Ossett” was first spotted.

Three years later, a large panther-like animal was seen stalking the village of Wintersett.

And there were also reports of a puma-like beast roaming between Ossett and Alverthorpe in 2006.

Ms Horsechief has reported the sighting to Big Cats Monitors, a group dedicated to proving the existence of wild big cats in the country.

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