Sunday, 10 May 2015

NEWSLINK: Mountain Lion Killed By Omaha Police

Nebraska Game and Parks says an Omaha police officer shot and killed a mountain lion in Millard on Wednesday evening. 

The cougar had first been spotted about 5 pm near Project Harmony, a nonprofit agency, with police, the Nebraska Humane Society, and a veterinarian all responding.

The vet determined the big cat had a broken leg and had been immobile for an undetermined length of time.

Game and Parks  Law Enforcement Administrator Craig Stover says the agency's mountain lion response plan calls for cougars in town to be euthanized if it can be done safely.

Stover says attempts to tranquilize and relocate mountain lions are seldom made because they're too dangerous, with the big cats unpredictable once they're darted.

This lion, a male weighing about 120 pounds, is in the possession of Game and Parks with a necropsy or animal autopsy to be performed.

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