Tuesday, 26 May 2015

NEWSLINK: Zambia begins hunting of big cats again

On Friday, Tourism and Arts Minister, Jean Kapata announced that the ban on hunting of lions and leopards is to be lifted in the country. The ban has been in place since 2013. Lion can be hunted again from next year and leopards can be hunted and killed from later this year.

The ban on lion hunting was established in Zambia when surveys showed that there could be as few as 2,500 wild lions left in the country. The number of leopards is not known as there has been no recent survey undertaken.

Kapata announced at the press conference that “I am lifting the ban on the following conditions, the guidelines are drafted into a statutory instrument so that they become part of the wildlife law. Lion hunting should only resume in the 2016/2017 hunting season and not this year.

“Leopard hunting can resume this year 2015/2016 season, but with very cautionary quotas”.

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