Thursday, 28 May 2015

NEWSLINK: North Shore cougar sightings prompt warning

B.C.’s Conservation Officer Service is warning North Vancouver residents and visitors after a series of close calls with cougars on trails.
The office has received three reports of the big cats at the base of Grouse Mountain, at the top of Mountain Highway and in the Seymour Watershed in the last week.
“It was reported that the cougar was approaching people and was, in once instance, not easily scared off,” said conservation officer Chris Doyle. ““Generally speaking, they’re elusive animals and they’re not interested in people at all so obviously it’s a concern when they do approach people because they are a predator and the concern is they would be approaching people as potential prey.”
In one other case, a mountain biker used his bike to keep a cougar at bay, while on Seymour’s trails.

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