Monday, 25 May 2015

UK SIGHTINGS: Is there a big cat on the loose in Wales? Puma blamed for mystery lamb death


A lamb has been killed by 'unknown predator' while a radio crew are making a documentary about big cat sightings in the area

Farmers have expressed concerns that a puma is on the loose following the discovery of a dead lamb - in WALES.

Dafydd and Pam Parry claim to have seen pumas, a type of jungle cat, in the hills around their Snowdonia home.

They have taken plaster casts of paw prints which they believe have been left by the animals and graphic photographs of sheep and badgers which they believe were killed by large cats.

Daily Post...Best foot forward: Dafydd and
Pam Parry  from Beddgelert have made plaster cats
of what  they believe to be puma footprints

Pam, of Hafod y Llyn Isaf, claims to have seen "a big black puma" with "golden eyes and a long tail, curved up" sitting on rocks watching her feeding her horses.

A BBC radio crew have now followed up the Parrys claims, for documentary The Unexplainers led by John Rutledge, also know as Eggsy from rappers Goldie Lookin' Chain.

Producer Rhys Waters told the Daily Post: "We were looking at the big cat rumours that were in the area, and the night we did a stakeout a lamb was killed by an unknown predator."

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