Monday, 4 May 2015

NEWSLINK: Big Cat Running Wild In Southwest Omaha

Tales of wild animals roaming the countryside are quickly becoming more than legend. Coyotes, bobcats and other large four-legged animals are on the prowl. And now these seems to be evidence of their existence.
People have seen it and people have heard there’s some big animal roaming around the southwest part of the metro. Our cameras have actually caught a coyote on the move in Sarpy County.
Jenny Dial believes it was a coyote that attacked her dog Sandy. “Her legs were all chewed up and her ears were chewed up. They couldn’t see it, they had to shave her down, but she was in such bad shape that they couldn’t even get near her."
Sandy died from her injuries. We told the story to veterinarian Dr. Ray Thiele of the Harrison Street Animal Hospital. He said he has seen those type of injuries before. “I definitely think they're bite wounds. I think anything from a large dog, raccoon, coyote, yeah, we've definitely seen injures like that from dog fights.”
There have also been sightings of a big cat in some wooded areas of the southwest metro. One viewer took a picture of a paw print, a cat print about the size of your hand.
Whatever it is roaming around out there, Jenny is warning other pet owners to be on the lookout and keep a close eye on your four-legged family members.
“There is definitely something out there and if you’re a pet lover even your children could get hurt. We've stopped our dogs from going out at night unless we're home. We were out celebrating my birthday when this happened. We came home to Sandy and Bella being injured.”
Jenny does not want other pet owners to have to live through the terrible thing that happened to Sandy. So she warns whatever is coming out of the woods, it’s a good idea to keep a closer eye on pets and children.
Law enforcement officials did spot a cat about the size of a large dog moving around in the southwest part of the metro Friday morning.

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