Monday, 18 May 2015

NEWSLINK: Mountain Lion Sightings Saturday In Portola Valley, Ladera

Two separate mountain lion sightings were reported in the Portola Valley and Ladera areas this weekend, according to San Mateo County law enforcement. The carcass of a deer, possibly killed by a mountain lion, was also located Friday in the same region. On Saturday, a mountain lion was seen in the vicinity of 700 to 900 block of Westridge Drive in Portola Valley, officials said.
And late Saturday around 11 p.m. in unincorporated San Mateo County west of Interstate Highway 280, county emergency services officials report a big cat was seen in the area of Mimosa Way and Morro Vista Lane in the community of Ladera.
On Friday, a deer carcass suspected of being the work of a mountain lion, was found in a Portola Valley home’s driveway, and a jogger advisory was issued. People are advised to not approach a mountain lion, especially one feeding or in the company of their offspring, according to emergency services officials.
Anyone who plans to hike or jog should avoid going outdoors during dawn, dusk and night hours when mountain lions are most active, emergency services officials said.
Those who encounter a mountain lion should not run but instead face the animal, make noise, throw rocks or other objects and appear larger by waving their arms, according to county emergency officials.

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