Saturday, 12 July 2014

BIG CAT RESCUE: Feline sanctuary operators hope for healthy summer

WYLIE — Lisa Williams was making her usual rounds at In-Sync Exotics, escorting visitors through the habitats that house more than 60 large felines.
But Tuesday’s tour was different. That morning, Kiro, a white tiger, had died. His habitat stood empty. A sign with his name and picture, hung on the enclosure’s chain link fence, was just a humble reminder of the feline that used to play in the sanctuary’s pools and make “chuffing” sounds at visitors and staff members.
Hugs and tears among the sanctuary’s staff were not unexpected. A year ago, Kiro was one of the first cats at In-Sync to contract canine distemper. He survived the initial viral infection, and the sanctuary hasn’t determined whether his death was related to the 2013 distemper outbreak that killed eight big cats and made more than 20 sick.

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