Wednesday, 23 July 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Big cat caught on video in Folkestone?

A BIG cat appears to have been caught on film by a train passenger travelling through Folkestone.
The 12-second video, which was uploaded to YouTube, shows the backs of a number of houses near a railway line.
The footage slows down as the camera pans to look at what appears to be a big black cat standing on a shed roof in a garden.
The video has so far been viewed 26 times since it was uploaded on July 7.
Poster Vincent Lloyd said: “While filming from the train, hoping to see fox cubs I'd been told about, I saw something unusual on a shed roof in a garden backing onto the embankment.
“I've slowed down the relevant section. I don't particularly believe in big cat stories, but I can't make out what else it could be.”
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