Thursday, 31 July 2014

NEWSLINK: Leopard' on the loose in Surrey! Hunt for big cat spotted in family's back garden

African Serval CatDad-of-two Allan Tinkler almost spat out his breakfast when he saw this big cat prowling his back garden this morning. He told how the huge animal jumped onto his lawn and spent 40 minutes skulking among his children's slide and toys. Mr Tinkler, from Molesey, Surrey, told Get Surrey : "[I was] having breakfast with my two young children, looked out the window and there it was. "[It] stayed in the garden for about 40 minutes." "Having seen it up close, my children won't be out there [in the garden] until it's caught," he added. "[It] looked wild to me." Police say the 'leopard' is, in fact, an African serval cat which has escaped from a nearby private address. Officers issued a warning to residents in the area not to approach the cat but to call 999 should they spot it. A Surrey Police spokesman said the pet was "registered as a 'dangerous cat', although it is not believed to be aggressive". 

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