Monday, 14 July 2014

NEWSLINK: BIG CAT CONTROVERSY Anger after cougar found in Ore. backyard euthanized

Oregon wildlife officials said they had no choice but to kill a cougar captured in a Portland backyard, a decision that did not sit well with some animal lovers.

Officials from the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife said the cougar was euthanized Friday for public safety reasons because the cat had become used to the city and had lost its fear of people.

But The Oregonian reported that at least on social media some people were wondering why the cougar couldn’t be saved.

The newspaper quoted Portland resident Amy Lestat as saying on its Facebook page: “The public wants to know why this animal could not be placed in a sanctuary or zoo. It seems as if with the short notice and due to the holiday, officials didn’t want to deal with the inconvenience.”

Residents called police to report the cougar sitting in a tree in a densely populated Portland neighborhood. After three hours, wildlife officials tranquilized the animal with a dart and removed it from the tree.

The cougar was placed in a cage and euthanized a while later.

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