Tuesday, 22 July 2014

US SIGHTINGS: Photo: Big Cat Sighting – Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

I recently received the following information:
“2014 MOUNTAIN LION PIC – SOUTH GIBSON, PA”…. I sent you one last year, this is the most recent one from my neighbor’s webcam. Still lots of “non-believers” that the Mountain Lions exist up here. Please see attached. I put in the measurement details of the big rock just to give you an idea how big this animal is. It ain’t no bobcat!!! The only thing is the tail doesn’t show, but it must be between its’ legs.
Thanks, Rose in South Gibson, PA……
NOTE: Rose had forwarded a trail cam photo last year (posted below). This recent photo is very interesting…it does resemble a bobcat, other than the size. Is it possible that there are hybrids roaming Pennsylvania’s northeast mountains? What is your opinion? Lon

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