Thursday, 31 July 2014

UK SIGHTINGS: Is this the Beast of Bodmin? Student snaps 'big cat' in Cornwall

Is this the Beast of Bodmin? Student snaps 'big cat' in Cornwall By CGMikeS | Posted: July 26, 2014 By Mike Smallcombe Previous Next Comments (1) AN AMATEUR photographer has captured a snap of what he believes is the legendary Beast of Bodmin. Henry Warren, 19, was taking pictures in fields near his home in Gwinear, west Cornwall, when a huge cat like creature leapt out in front of him. The student managed to rattle off several frames before the animal disappeared into undergrowth. The sighting took place around 45 miles from remote Bodmin Moor, where the famous beast is said to roam. It has been reported to the Plymouth-based British Big Cat Society. Britain's most famous big cat was first spotted in 1983 and there have been over 60 recorded sightings since. It was declared a phantom in 1995 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food but Henry thinks they're wrong. He said: "I was taking pictures of our new house when I saw something run across the field and in front of my lens. "It was absolutely massive and was hoping up and down like a large cat. There's no way it could have been fox, a dog or anything else like that. "It ran around 60 metres in just a few seconds and was leaping in the air with its front two legs first. "I did some research after and thought it may be linked to the Beast of Bodmin - it certainly looks like a big cat." The British Big Cat Society (BBCS) says there is real evidence that pumas, panthers, lynxes and other big cats are breeding in Britain. A spokesman said: "Photographs, pawprints and fur samples have long-shown that big cats live in parts of Britain. "Recent figures provide real evidence that big cat sightings are on the increase which is very exciting. "The reason for this might stem from more people reporting what they've seen, or because the animals are breeding - which is a very real possibility."

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