Tuesday, 22 July 2014

US SIGHTINGS: Mountain lion? Big cat spooks backyards in Sioux Falls

For more than a month, some residents along Silver Creek in western Sioux Falls have become convinced that something new has taken up residence among the trees and vegetation below their backyards.
On Monday night, one of those residents, Mark Kantack, shined a light underneath a tree near his deck. In the light, he saw a mountain lion.
"I tried to scare it off, and it just kept staring at me," he said.
The reports of a cougar roaming the thick stands of trees along the creek, which dumps into Skunk Creek, prompted a conservation officer with South Dakota Game Fish and Parks to set up an infrared game camera in Kantack's backyard, which backs into the creek. Jared Hill, the conservation officer, said that GF&P officers have not found tracks or other evidence of a cougar in western Sioux Falls. And he noted that 90 percent of cougar sightings are false.

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