Sunday, 13 July 2014

US SIGHTINGS: Large, cat-like animal spotted around Trussville subdivision

Some people living in one Trussville neighborhood say they're living in fear after a large, wildcat-like animal has been spotted in the area four different times recently.
Some residents in the Maplewood Subdivision say they've seen the animal prowling around recently. Some have even lost family pets in the same timeframe.
One woman who lives in this neighborhood says she saw the large "cat-like" animal in her backyard. She says she saw the cat go down and then jumped over her eight-foot fence. Another resident told us  that she saw the animal lying on top of her fence.
Notices were posted on Maplewood mailboxes earlier this week, warning them not to leave their pets unattended after the animal sightings.
Resident Roger Sisson says he saw the animal in question.
"As I was coming down the street the other day, where I come around the curb, I saw this animal. It looked just like a big cat to me but he had a very long tail and he was going in a culvert up there," Sisson said.

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